Laxmi Engineering Corporation is established in 1978. We are manufacturer in the filed of Hotel’s / Restaurant’s Kitchen Equipment & Machinery, Display Counter for Sweet , Fast Food & Bakery, Cooking Equipment, Catering Cooking Equipment & Food Service Equipments.

Our Products are manufacturing under the total supervision of   Engineers and they know our customer's requirements. We do not comprise with the quality & other side of manufacturing equipments.

Our company policy for product manufacturing is day to day technical development in design for better result. The long life and durable structure of our products make them suitable for constant use.

We are driven by commitment for continuous improvement, and building up existing strength in developing new competence. With corporate image of reliability and integrity, we will do our best to serve our old and new relations always. We also offer complete after sales service and support to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. We believe in total customer satisfaction.

We also cater to the areas of :

Hotels, Motels & Restaurants
Fast-food counter
Marriage Halls
Catering Institutions, Hospitals , Amusement parks
College & Industrial Canteens
Hostels and more..


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